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At Nirvana Spa, you will find a tranquil and relaxing atmosphere, highly trained staff and superior cleanliness. We will cater to individuals who appreciate the "Three C's".

COMFORT - where you can escape from the hectic everyday life to an oasis of relaxation.

CLEANLINESS - where all steps are taken to ensure that your safety is the utmost concern.

CARE - where you are treated, not just as a customer, but as a member of the family.

We provide many services from manicures & pedicures, to skincare and make-up, to waxing. Each service will be provided by a licensed, skilled, caring professional whose purpose is to ensure that you leave happy and rejuvenated.

For our pedicures, we utilize a unique waterless technique. This modern technique differs from the traditional pedicure in that it does not require a standard pedicure chair. This technique provides the same, if not superior, quality of service as the traditional pedicure, but with no water.

A standard pedicure chair uses approximately 30,000 gallons a year. This is nearly the same amount of water an average person uses for an entire year. By eliminating the use of water in our pedicure services we are doing our part to prevent the risk of water-born infections, conserve our water supply for the future and protect the environment.

Health and safety are our utmost concern. We sterilize our metal tools and implements in a medical grade autoclave to protect your health. We also provide superior sanitation in an odor-free environment for your comfort and well being.

Our mission is to cater to individuals who appreciate the "Three C's" Comfort, Cleanliness and Care.